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Hello friends, I am a mother of three children… I have struggled for many years to find unique items & clothing for my children that would stand out. I wanted make them each one feel that they are unique as an individual. So I wanted to come up with some ways to get my hands on those unique items for baby without wasting too much time & energy. With everything else that we as parents have to get done each day, it can make our lives feel very chaotic. Having a chaotic life can cause very long stressful days which more often than not create a stressful environment rather than a peaceful one.

In the next few articles I am going to explain why I needed to come up with a few ideas to end the struggle for all the parents out there who feel overwhelmed & defeated by the whole shopping experience all together. I want to help you find those unique items that you are in search of, for all your baby needs!



The Struggle Is Real…

It was always difficult to find unique baby products such as car seats, baby carriers, cloths, furniture, decor, bedding, strollers, Baby changing stations, playing stations, toys, teething rings, sleep sacks, infant tubs, soothing seats, crib soothers, & feeding supplies that were unique to my little ones. It seemed that every time I saw a baby, they had the exact same things, from the cloths that they wore to the decor in the nursery.

I really hated shopping at places like Wal-Mart, K-Mart, JC Penny, OshGosh, Baby Gap & other local Malls & Baby stores because that is where every other parent was shopping for their babies as well.

It was time to come up with some ideas to expand my search to little Ma-N-Pop Shops & Baby Boutiques from all over the United State. It wasn’t as common back than to shop online, as it is today!


Finding A Solution…

The only solution to this very aggravating problem at that time was to find out where all these Baby Boutiques & shops were located. I had to find their contact information so that I could call them & ask them to send me a catalog so that I could order by mail & at the time it seemed like the only way to get the unique items that I really wanted without traveling 100’s of miles away. Which took lots of time, money, effort & energy. It was a never ending struggle & I was determined to find a solution to this very common problem, not just for me but for all the frustrated parents out there that were struggling with the exact same issues that I was encoutering.


It always seemed that there was’t enough time in the day or even the week to get everything done without feeling like I was living a never ending chaotic life style. I saw no relief in sight. Too much to do & not enough time in the day to get it all done!

I am sure I am speaking for all of you parents that are just too busy & don’t have that kind of time.”

My Part To Help End The Struggle…

The world was introduced to the wonderful world of online shopping right about the same time my children were small, which was great because it saved me a lot of time, money, effort & energy to be able to come home after a hard day at the office, sit down at my computer & in less than an hour I had been able to purchase everything that I needed & more. I had to move from website to website to find everything I needed. It was still a lot faster than driving to each one.

I wanted to come up with a website that would help you take care of all you baby needs in one place. A site that will take you to many Baby Boutiques & Baby Stores all in one click. I call it my Baby Station.

I was certain that it would work & also make our lives easier so that we have more time to spend with our families.
I had no more worries! It left me plenty of time to help my oldest with school work, cook, clean up, give baths & have all 3 of my little ones in bed with plenty of time for me to relax & do whatever I wanted.

Making It Happen…

I have been successful at being sure that my website will help you find every little wonderful/unique piece that you are looking for, from the cloths that they wear, to the pictures hanging above their bed. I feel that each & every child is so precious & we want to make sure that they feel like they are unique & very special in their own way. We as parents can make them feel special & loved in every way.

“Finally a website that can help you find all that you need for your children “all in one place.”

The Struggle Is Over…

It was a long hard road to get here but I have learned so much about the online world & how we can use it to simplify our lives as parents. As if teaching them & raising them is not already hard enough without having to go from store to store looking for just the right things that we want & need for our little ones.

Now we can spend more time on other things that are much more important. Like spending quality time at home with your loved ones, taking a family vacation, time at the beach, family movie or game night. Anything that you want to be doing besides spending countless hours shopping around just to find that the products that you have purchased are not unique at all.

I know that by utilizing ‘My Baby Station for all you baby needs & wants as I call it, will help you find all the wonderful/unique items that are just perfect for you & you little ones.

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