Parenting Tips – For all you new parents out there that just need a little guidance to help get you started

Here in my Baby-Station at I pride myself in helping new parents to gain the knowledge & understanding as they bring a precious life into the world. In these next few articles I am going to give some insight on your baby’s development, breastfeeding your baby, your babies health, milestones, & what you can expect.

It can sometimes be scary, but I promise you “it is not that bad”.

You will do great!


The four keys to being a good parent are….

  • Love Your Baby
  • Be Patient With Your Baby
  • Give Your Baby Guidance
  • Be Understanding of Your Babies wants and Needs


It is very important that you know how to take care of your baby….

I wanted to give some information to help you in the growth of your baby. The first several weeks are very magical, but also hard. Understanding your baby’s constant needs can keep you feeling tired and overwhelmed as you learn how to feed your baby as well as helping them sleep. Don’t let this discourage you because it does get easier as you fall into the roll of parenting and before you know it…. You truly become an expert!

The life of a baby is pretty simple: they sleep, eat, poop, pee & cry. We have to remember that crying is really the only way that your baby can communicate his/her needs. You will have to decode his/her cries so that you will know the difference between “I’m hungry,  I’m uncomfortable & I need a change”. As your baby learns you, you too will learn your baby.


Baby Reflexes…. 

Your baby has a set of reflexes designed to protect them & to ensure they get  the care that they need even if you parenting instincts have not kicked in yet.

  • The Rooting Reflex – Helps baby find the breast or bottle for feeding.
  • The Sucking Reflex – Helps baby eat.
  • The Palmar Reflex – Makes baby grip your finger when you place it in baby’s palm.
  • The Moro Reflex – The jumpy reaction baby has when startled.


Your Baby’s Senses….

From the moment your baby is born, all of his/her senses are at work. Vision, hearing, taste, touch & smell are some of the many senses that your baby uses as soon as he/she is born.

Vision – Your baby has puffy eyes from the delivery & the antibiotic ointment that was applied after birth, so your baby’s vision is blurry but he/she can see your face & other objects that are close-up. Be sure you hold them about 8 to 12 inches in front of your baby. That is his/her range of vision. You may also notice that your baby’s eyes will sometimes cross due to the fact that the muscles that control eye movement are not yet fully developed. This is normal, no need at all to worry.

Hearing – while your baby’s hearing is not completely developed, your child is already very familiar with your voice & other sounds that he/she heard during the time in the womb.

Touch – Your baby’s sense of touch is the most developed sense at the time of birth. Your baby learns the softness of your face & hands. The feeling of love from being held, cuddled, played with & talked to. This time is very important for your and your new baby, it is the time that you & your baby bond.

Smell – Soon after your baby is born, he/she will recognize your sent!




It is important that you breast feed your baby if you can. There are many benefits to giving your baby breast milk, it contains antibodies that can be engineered.  Babies that are breast fed tend to have fewer colds, sinus infections, ear infections, allergies, diarrhea, & constipation.

Over a long period of time, breastfeeding your baby will help keep them from getting breast cancer & ovarian cancer. Also the physical contact will help you bond with your baby because it forces you to sit still & focus on nurturing him/her. Nursing is the time that your little one is totally content & there is nothing else that you should be doing. Breastfeeding releases “Mothering Hormones,  like prolactin – which helps keep the baby-blues away, oxytocin – which helps the uterus contract & it also burns calories.

The first several day you will feel extreme tenderness. It won’t last, once you baby learns to properly latch on the discomfort will should diminish during each nursing session & completely go away with time. If you do get shooting pains, please don’t ignore them. If you have a knot in your breasts accompanied by soreness, & redness, this could be a sign of a plugged milk duct. This can lead to Mastitis- which is a nasty infection that requires antibiotics.

Your Pediatrician can show you how to adjust your babies chin to improve his/her lazy suck.

It is good to keep taking your prenatal vitamins, you need plenty of calcium & drink at least 64 ounces of water daily while nursing your baby. “A new mom must stay hydrated & eat right. You are going to need an extra 300 to 500 calories daily & get plenty of rest.

If for some reason, you need to take medicine be sure that you check with your doctor because most medicines are fine in breast milk-but not all. Be sure you take it at least two hours before a feeding so that the alcohol can leave your system.

Breastfeeding is easy & convenient. There is no messy clean-up, it is warm, available when you need it & one less thing that you have to worry about cramming in your diaper bag on your way out the door.


Power Pumping to Increase Breastmilk Supply….

Power pumping increases your breastmilk supply. When you pump more often, you produce more breastmilk. It’s the simple logic of supply & demand.

When you power pump, this should be in addition to the breastfeeing & pumpinh routine. It is important to increase the demand for the breastmilk to stimulate additional production of more breastmilk. Each power pumping session typically last about an hour so you might want to plan for that time.

Your breastmilk production is often higher in the morning, so it is the best time to powerpump.

​Power Pumping Routine…

​One Power Pumping Session:     About 60 minutes

  • ​Pump for 20 minute or until empty.
  • Rest for 10 minutes.
  • Pump for 10 minutes – If your not getting any milk, “it is perfectly ok” (your still stimulating production).
  • Rest for 10 minutes
  • Pump for 10 minutes –  (again, if your not getting milk, “it is perfectly ok”).


Things that you can do to further stimulate for milk production:

  • Breast Massage
  • Heat Therapy

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For All Your Basic Baby Care Needs – What Does Baby Need/Information

Helpful Information…

In addition to finding all the unique baby products that you want for all your Basic baby needs, I wanted to give new parents out there a little information that you may or may not already know.

Most of the time & more often than not, new parent tend to worry that they won’t be the parent that they hope to be because they are not an expert in child development but it is simple really…
What does baby need?          

  • Love
  • Attention
  • Care

Show your baby lots of love, attention & affection…

When you show your baby love & affection by taking care of their needs & spending time with them, it helps them to develop physically, mentally & emotionally healthy. So it is good to spend time with your baby. Talk to them, encourage them to talk back & interact. Cuddle them, play with them & let them know how special they are.

                                                                What not to do…

You do not want to spoil your little one by running to them every time they cry. They will cry less & less over time as log as you allow them to cry a bit. Sometimes it is hard but you need to remember that by allowing them to cry a bit, it will strengthen their lungs & also keep them from being spoiled rotten, which will make life a lot easier for you!

You still want to show you baby attention when he or she is upset just as you do when they are happy. By doing this, it will help to build a strong emotional                                                                              bond & trust with your baby.


Take care of you babies basic needs…

Your baby needs to be healthy & have energy to be able to learn & grow. Your baby should visit their doctor on a regular bases to check their weight & be sure that he or she is healthy & growing as they should be. Remember to always ask questions if you have any concerns at all. Always be sure that they are up to date on their immunization shots that will help protect them from diseases.

Make sure your baby gets plenty of rest…

You baby needs plenty of sleep in order to grow & develop properly. You should give them a scheduled sleeping arrangement that they will get used to as they grow. Babies should have a routine that is healthy for them.


Breast feeding is always best for your baby. It helps him or her to have a lower percentage of getting an allergic condition  like Eczema or Asthma. It helps with diarrhea, respiratory problems, ear infections & so much more.

Although formula milk can’t replicate the properties of breast milk, formula fed babies can thrive as well. Be sure that you make a lot of eye contact & talk with your baby while you feed him or her. This too will help create the bond between you. Also, be sure that your baby eats sitting up-right to avoid ear infections.

Take care of yourself…

Interaction with your baby is very important for their development. But if you are feeling exhausted & drained, find time to split up the household chores & Parenting responsibilities with your partner. By doing this you won’t feel so tired & drained all the time. If you are a single parent, you may want to find some kind of support in a family member or friend.

When doing this, it will allow you to have some me-time to relax & get the things that you need as well.

About Me

Welcome to My Baby Station here at for everything you may need for your little ones!

A Little Background…

Hello friends, my name is Holly Flora. I am a single mother of three children & I have struggled to find just the right things that I want & need for my children. They are each one unique & special in their own ways. I wanted to be sure that I could find just the perfect things for them. From their rooms being decorated to the cloths that they wore.

Aren’t you tired of going from store to store just to realize that every baby had the exact same things that my babies had. As a new mom, I wanted my baby to stand out, as we all do. I was tired of feeling frustrated, aggravated & drained all the time & Just wanted a more simple way to shop.

Why I want to help others…

I do not want other parents to waste all their precious time shopping from store to store. Why waste 4 to 6 hours a month going from place to place looking for all your baby needs when you can get it all in one place? Have it delivered right to your door.

This will save you time, money & energy to do the more important things in life “like being with family”.

My goal here is…

My goal for creating this website is to make life easier for all the parents out there who just don’t have the time!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Holly Flora

Baby Station – For All Your Baby Needs & All Your Baby Wants

Hello friends, I am a mother of three children… I have struggled for many years to find unique items & clothing for my children that would stand out. I wanted make them each one feel that they are unique as an individual. So I wanted to come up with some ways to get my hands on those unique items for baby without wasting too much time & energy. With everything else that we as parents have to get done each day, it can make our lives feel very chaotic. Having a chaotic life can cause very long stressful days which more often than not create a stressful environment rather than a peaceful one.

In the next few articles I am going to explain why I needed to come up with a few ideas to end the struggle for all the parents out there who feel overwhelmed & defeated by the whole shopping experience all together. I want to help you find those unique items that you are in search of, for all your baby needs!



The Struggle Is Real…

It was always difficult to find unique baby products such as car seats, baby carriers, cloths, furniture, decor, bedding, strollers, Baby changing stations, playing stations, toys, teething rings, sleep sacks, infant tubs, soothing seats, crib soothers, & feeding supplies that were unique to my little ones. It seemed that every time I saw a baby, they had the exact same things, from the cloths that they wore to the decor in the nursery.

I really hated shopping at places like Wal-Mart, K-Mart, JC Penny, OshGosh, Baby Gap & other local Malls & Baby stores because that is where every other parent was shopping for their babies as well.

It was time to come up with some ideas to expand my search to little Ma-N-Pop Shops & Baby Boutiques from all over the United State. It wasn’t as common back than to shop online, as it is today!


Finding A Solution…

The only solution to this very aggravating problem at that time was to find out where all these Baby Boutiques & shops were located. I had to find their contact information so that I could call them & ask them to send me a catalog so that I could order by mail & at the time it seemed like the only way to get the unique items that I really wanted without traveling 100’s of miles away. Which took lots of time, money, effort & energy. It was a never ending struggle & I was determined to find a solution to this very common problem, not just for me but for all the frustrated parents out there that were struggling with the exact same issues that I was encoutering.


It always seemed that there was’t enough time in the day or even the week to get everything done without feeling like I was living a never ending chaotic life style. I saw no relief in sight. Too much to do & not enough time in the day to get it all done!

I am sure I am speaking for all of you parents that are just too busy & don’t have that kind of time.”

My Part To Help End The Struggle…

The world was introduced to the wonderful world of online shopping right about the same time my children were small, which was great because it saved me a lot of time, money, effort & energy to be able to come home after a hard day at the office, sit down at my computer & in less than an hour I had been able to purchase everything that I needed & more. I had to move from website to website to find everything I needed. It was still a lot faster than driving to each one.

I wanted to come up with a website that would help you take care of all you baby needs in one place. A site that will take you to many Baby Boutiques & Baby Stores all in one click. I call it my Baby Station.

I was certain that it would work & also make our lives easier so that we have more time to spend with our families.
I had no more worries! It left me plenty of time to help my oldest with school work, cook, clean up, give baths & have all 3 of my little ones in bed with plenty of time for me to relax & do whatever I wanted.

Making It Happen…

I have been successful at being sure that my website will help you find every little wonderful/unique piece that you are looking for, from the cloths that they wear, to the pictures hanging above their bed. I feel that each & every child is so precious & we want to make sure that they feel like they are unique & very special in their own way. We as parents can make them feel special & loved in every way.

“Finally a website that can help you find all that you need for your children “all in one place.”

The Struggle Is Over…

It was a long hard road to get here but I have learned so much about the online world & how we can use it to simplify our lives as parents. As if teaching them & raising them is not already hard enough without having to go from store to store looking for just the right things that we want & need for our little ones.

Now we can spend more time on other things that are much more important. Like spending quality time at home with your loved ones, taking a family vacation, time at the beach, family movie or game night. Anything that you want to be doing besides spending countless hours shopping around just to find that the products that you have purchased are not unique at all.

I know that by utilizing ‘My Baby Station for all you baby needs & wants as I call it, will help you find all the wonderful/unique items that are just perfect for you & you little ones.